Property valuation

At Houses & Rooms we can draw up an expert and independent appraisal by a certified appraiser. This valuation is smoothly accepted by all institutions such as mortgage lenders, governments and tax authorities. Our appraiser is approved and registered by SCVM, registered in the Register of Real Estate Appraisers and members of industry association VBO agency.

 The benefits of a valuation by Houses & Rooms:

  •       Our appraisers are certified and registered with the registry SCVM quality and affiliated with a recognized valuation the Institute RVT
  •       We have an extensive database of comparable properties
  •       Our valuation reports are accepted meet the requirements for NHG our valuation reports by financial institutions
  •       The appraisal report is clear and accessible drafted and includes the assessed value, the area and volume of the uniform NEN2580 standard, readable support to repair, district data, cadastral data and photos of the property

  • To perform a valuation, we ask for the ownership of the property, the cadastral data and drawings.
  • If you want a free quotation for a valuation? Please contact us.