The certified VBO Real estate agency

Houses & Rooms is affiliated with VBO agency, the Association of real estate agents and appraisers. This association sets high standards for its members. Core values ​​are a high level of expertise, quality and integrity. In addition to connected brokers regularly retrain and adhere to the strict code of the organization.

Why go with a VBO broker? Houses & Rooms:

  •          Is affiliated with a reputable industry association
  •          Stands for quality and integrity
  •          Is knowledgeable and knows the local market well
  •          Is a broker involved who like that extra meter runs for customers
  •          Is a practical and creative problem solver
  •          Has a high level of service
  •          Is clear and bright on the activities and costs
  •          State house many sites including and
  •          Offers full service or part service: the choice is yours!

If you have questions or want more information? Feel free to contact us.